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My name is Charlotte, and I have been knitting, crocheting, embroidering and sewing for over 25 years. After knitting a pair of fingerless mittens many years ago, to keep my hands warm when typing in a stupidly cold office, I found them so invaluable, I started knitting them in different yarns and colours, invented new designs, and found them useful in so many different situations.


I made them for friends as gifts, and people would often comment that they couldn't believe they were home-made. When I became a full-time mother some years ago, I started knitting and crocheting blankets, baby clothes, jumpers and toys for my son, and I loved it so much, I wanted to spend much more time on it.

Sweater Rage - October 2016


Having a fab Autumn: enjoying the countryside, buying new yarn and designing a new sweater for Boj.


Buying new yarn =

  1. Finding good quality wool and cotton yarns online
  2. Weeding out those with the best colours
  3. Shortlisting the cheapest / best offers
  4. Getting Boj to choose his favourite colours
  5. Is £40 too much? Yes.
  6. Ordering
  7. Receiving my package, and Boj deciding he doesn’t like the colour…


Found a colour that he likes!

Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Poppy. I've knitted a cardigan for myself in it before. It's very sturdy, drapes nicely and keeps its shape. Also very warm, which

is useful for cotton.

(Got it from Loveknitting, which I usually avoid, as the yarns are too nice and too expensive, but this was on a special offer. Comes in a nice organza bag.)

gallery/raglan jumper plan
gallery/raglan jumper workings

Then the knitting starts.

  • knit a bit,
  • get a bit confused,
  • re-think and rip,
  • knit more
  • knit too much and rip back
  • finally remember how to do armpits from top down (add a few sts under the sleeve)
  • on the home straight…
gallery/raglan trio

Designing: My Process ​


  • Measure squirming boy
  • Mock up schematic on Powerpoint (try to stop myself wasting time perfecting the collar and adding a rib pattern graphic)

Spreadsheet! My guilty pleasure.


Usually a jumble of confusing numbers and workings (I've tidied this up a bit, so I can use the basics again).


This is for working out

  • the number of stitches to get the correct measurements, and 
  • how to get the neck to increase to the width of the torso at a consistent rate using the raglan shaping, i.e.:



Boj = my five-year-old son

gallery/raglan diagram



Forgotten to knit a tension square and the torso is WAY too big for Boj.

8cm too big, to be precise.


Measure a portion of what I've knitted, redo my numbers and maybe have to start all over again...

gallery/stylecraft classique cotton
  • My cotton will hang nice and heavy, so simple, straight-down design, with cables in the raglan diagonals.
  • Maybe garter stitch for the bottom hem, to keep it from curling up. (Stocking stitch always curls towards the knit side, due to the knit stitches being smaller than the purls.)
  • Curling can be nice at the bottom of a sweater, but Boj is a tall boy, so he needs the length.