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My name is Charlotte, and I have been knitting, crocheting, embroidering and sewing for over 25 years. After knitting a pair of fingerless mittens many years ago, to keep my hands warm when typing in a stupidly cold office, I found them so invaluable, I started knitting them in different yarns and colours, invented new designs, and found them useful in so many different situations.


I made them for friends as gifts, and people would often comment that they couldn't believe they were home-made. When I became a full-time mother some years ago, I started knitting and crocheting blankets, baby clothes, jumpers and toys for my son, and I loved it so much, I wanted to spend much more time on it.

Sweater Rage - Part the Second (Nov 16)


Frogging and starting again isn’t nearly as bad as you might think. You get to correct those niggling mistakes and make sure the size is almost perfect. I’m so glad I frogged back to the neck rib and did it all again.


It now fits really well, and I kept measuring and trying it on Boj, so he was very excited to be involved in the process. I like that it gives him a small insight into how sweaters are made, as there are so many things we own that we have no idea of the materials, mechanics, method or effort that went into it. Then we have no concept of its value, or worth. 


Boj = my five-year-old son

gallery/stylecraft classique cotton

Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Poppy.

gallery/finished red cotton jumper

I can really recommend this cotton yarn, which is soft, yet hard-wearing, and drapes well. It was also incredibly cheap (on special offer) and this jumper has worked out at about £11.50 (6.5 balls). (It would have been £14.50, had I bought the yarn at full price.)

Boj has adopted another of my makes - a scarf called Snaggle (which he calls Straggle; not very complimentary).

Straggle is pictured on the left.

My raglan increases are around a six-stitch plait (p2 either side), which morphs into a nine-st plait at the armpit, to continue down each side seam. The bottom hem is about 6 rows of garter st. I decided on 1x1 rib for the cuffs, as it looks neater than 2x2. As it's cotton, and not that stretchy, I built in a small placket in the neck, and put a small button to close it. I have made too many mistakes with the neck being too small for the head to get through!

Next project - Green wool sweater


This one will have a cable pattern down the front, a bit like a fence. This is my cable swatch to measure how much the cable shrinks the width, compared to stocking stitch. Very worthwhile endeavour. I'm having to add an extra 50% to compensate for the cable pattern.


Progress on this sweater to follow...

gallery/green jumper - cable practice

This blog was written to the accompaniment of Mozart's Requiem - recorded at New College, Oxford.